Brunswick Apartments
21904 Brunswick Drive, Woodhaven, MI 48183
Phone: (734) 692-6868  Fax: (734) 692-7471
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Brunswick Apartments is Managed by
Horton Commercial Realty Services, Inc.
115 West Brown Street
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
"Your assurance of quality, business & living environments."
"Amazing experience, loved my apt.!  Circumstances changed so I had to move, otherwise would have been there a long time."
"Great & wonderful place to come home to.  Very quiet and peaceful."
"It's been a pleasure living at Brunswick Apartments for the last 20 plus years."
Contact Us
For more information, please
Or call 734-692-6868
"Very nice stay.  Only left because I needed to transfer to a two bedroom and couldn't wait any longer for one to open up."
"Thank you for putting a good roof over our heads all those years."
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